Commissioning is more than just a power-up operation. Commissioning carried out in the wrong conditions reduces the system's lifetime, the experts at Chloride can ensure that your system is configured correctly to system and


Chloride® provides dependable acceptance testing and commissioning services in a wide range of settings. Our customer engineers have a deep knowledge of industrial applications in project conditions to commission full data systems and individual systems exactly as needed — reducing rework, change orders and maintenance costs.
Nearly seven in 10 early equipment failures can be traced to design, installation or start-up deficiencies. Inspection and testing performed on electrical power systems and their components before initial energization is crucial.

For Chloride Industrial Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (AC and DC UPS), we can perform all initial commissioning and tests.

Site-specific actions, equipment, and skills may be necessary to perform tasks beyond general commissioning duties, depending on the project's complexity, product specificities, and site testing requirements. Our engineers have received certified training on AC and DC products and their various technologies, and our extensive experience means we can also modify and adapt systems to match your specific site requirements.



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Spares for Stock

We procure Commissioning Spares for 2-Years, 5-Years, and also Spares kits and Safety stock.

Site Operator Training

Chloride® provides customized training sessions for facility and maintenance engineers to make sure they are well-equipped to respond to any service requirements.

Remedial Works

Extend the life & improve the performance of your equipment. When electrical equipment fails, it can cost millions. Chloride® technicians can quickly identify problems and repair all makes & models