Life Extension Upgrade

Replacing the full UPS system is not always practical, upgrading the UPS rather than replacing will add 10-15 years of useful life to UPS systems.

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The components of your system will eventually become worn or obsolete. When that happens, Chloride® can help you upgrade and retrofit your existing electrical assets with the latest technology — at a fraction of the cost of replacement.
Our life-extension services can transform your older equipment, regardless of age or manufacturer, to like-new condition. From preventive maintenance to complete retrofits, rebuilds and replacement breakers, we have the expertise necessary to improve the reliability and performance of your equipment on your site without interruption to your critical load.
An up-to-date Chloride product technology means the latest features and services are made available to you:

• Improved Graphical touchpad display, including 2000 time-stamped event log
• Event-Log export capability which allows enhanced remote support from service engineers
• Opportunities to utilise new groundbreaking battery technology such as Sodium Metal Chloride (SMC) batteries - the safest battery compared to the market that allows for prolonged storage without capacity loss and no chemical aging (memory effect)



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Spares for Stock

We procure Commissioning Spares for 2-Years, 5-Years, and also Spares kits and Safety stock.

Site Operator Training

Chloride® provides customized training sessions for facility and maintenance engineers to make sure they are well-equipped to respond to any service requirements.

Remedial Works

Extend the life & improve the performance of your equipment. When electrical equipment fails, it can cost millions. Chloride® technicians can quickly identify problems and repair all makes & models