Major System Upgrade

Modify your system for better performance without major capital expenditures.

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To keep your system running smoothly, you need to be proactive. That often means modifying the system to optimize performance — and nobody has more skills and experience than Chloride® to help you make those modifications.

Our experts can modify the load and control logic, or add new functions such as communication protocols. We also move single systems to dual systems — whatever is necessary to keep your system running at peak efficiency and performance.



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Spares for Stock

We procure Commissioning Spares for 2-Years, 5-Years, and also Spares kits and Safety stock.

Site Operator Training

Chloride® provides customized training sessions for facility and maintenance engineers to make sure they are well-equipped to respond to any service requirements.

Remedial Works

Extend the life & improve the performance of your equipment. When electrical equipment fails, it can cost millions. Chloride® technicians can quickly identify problems and repair all makes & models