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Our dedicated team can retrofit, renew and replace equipment as needed.

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Many systems include fan cooling, these fans are mechanical products which will degrade causing the fan to become less effective, reducing the airflow and the fan will eventually fail to rotate. 
To ensure the UPS continues to operate and does not overheat, fans should be proactively replaced. The rate of replacement depends on the ambient temperature of the room at 25°C replacement time is typically 5 years, and at 50°C fans should be replaced after 3 years of operation.

Capacitors are not static electrical components which steadily operate in a circuit. Over time internal chemical reactions and leakage current slowly lead to electrical characteristics changes, gradually increasing the probability for a capacitor to fail. Capacitors are an integral part of the UPS and as such failing capacitors can cause load interruption and catastrophic failure leaving your load unprotected and causing damage to your battery system.
Capacitor life expectancy varies with ambient temperature, at 25°C replacement time is typically 8 years, and at 50°C capacitors should be replaced after 4 years of operation. 
Finally, if a system has been offline for more than 12 months, capacitors should be reformed prior to operation.

Printed Circuit boards (PCB) have a life expectancy, it is recommended to proactively replace parts prior to failure to ensure that UPS continues to protect the client’s critical load without issues. Life expectancy for Control electronics boards is typically 15 years at 25°C ambient temperature and 12 years at 50°C.

Auxiliary power supply boards typically have a life expectancy of 8-12 years at 25°C ambient temperature and 4-6 years at 50°C.

Retrofit a Battery Monitoring System (BMS) into your existing installation, the battery will then be monitored 24/7 and can be used to trend battery health and report issues before they become a problem.

The battery is one of the important parts of the UPS system, without it, there is no autonomy in the event of a mains failure. Battery life expectancy varies on several factors such as battery technology, ambient temperature, and how well the battery was been stored and maintained before & after installation, however as the battery is a chemical product it will require replacing over time. Battery discharge test is the best way to prove battery performance, and when replacement is required, Chloride can disconnect, remove, and dispose of old blocs, and install replacement blocs in line with battery manufacturers’ recommendations, therefore ensuring that critical loads are protected.



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We procure Commissioning Spares for 2-Years, 5-Years, and also Spares kits and Safety stock.

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Extend the life & improve the performance of your equipment. When electrical equipment fails, it can cost millions. Chloride® technicians can quickly identify problems and repair all makes & models