Spare Parts

Holding spare parts is crucial to minimise downtime, maintain equipment, and ensure operations run smoothly.

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In any industrial setting, equipment and machinery are bound to experience wear and tear. Components may fail, and replacements may not always be readily available. This can cause downtime and delay your operations, leading to lost productivity and revenue. The key is to be ready with parts when they’re needed, so you can replace the necessary parts quickly and easily.
Through our annual service contracts, we provide preconfigured and tested PCB, so you can have the highly critical equipment you need in stock and ready to plug and play. By utilsing an annual contract, costs lower and can help you avoid long delivery schedules by permanently stocking dedicated spare parts.



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Spares for Stock

We procure Commissioning Spares for 2-Years, 5-Years, and also Spares kits and Safety stock.

Site Operator Training

Chloride® provides customized training sessions for facility and maintenance engineers to make sure they are well-equipped to respond to any service requirements.

Remedial Works

Extend the life & improve the performance of your equipment. When electrical equipment fails, it can cost millions. Chloride® technicians can quickly identify problems and repair all makes & models